Cheese Puffs

This is one of those recipes where you can take the original recipe and make it your own by adding your favourite delicacies 😊


Mini Chicken Bunny chows

When asked to bring snacks to a party, people seem to resort to default and take the normal things like chips and dip etc. I decided to make these so that guests could have something substantial to line their stomachs as well as give them something to talk about.

Prawn & Salmon Pie

This is the dish you serve to guests that you want to impress. You will win their favour with the first bite 🙂

Peri-Peri Chicken Pot

If you are a fan of hot stuff, then this is definitely for you! It is best served with either potato or sweet potato mash to soak up the tasty sauce. You won’t be sorry that you have tried this!

Salmon Risotto with Cucumber

I must admit that this recipe was a stretch for me. I’ve seen so many recipes for risotto but I have not had the inclination to cook a pot of rice, no matter the topping. I have been converted! This is definitely worth a try and you will be seeing more risotto cooked by me in the future 🙂

Beef & Pumpkin Curry

This lovely curry is deceiving as it isn’t hot until the last bite, when it hits you like a kung-fu fighter 🙂